I visited the location this week with my director of photography. We had a great discussion about the visual style of the film. He agreed that we can get the effect I want in our limited space, which is a relief. Now I’m back to focusing on the shots and direction.


Reference Material

For the past week or more I’ve been watching all the relevant movie I can think of to gather reference material. I’m taking screen shots, and short clips to build a portfolio of styles to consider. My director of photography and I are visiting the location this week. We’re going to decide which styles match the location the best. We can narrow it down that way and then start creating a unique look of our own.

Here’s a list of the movies I’ve collected so far for reference; The Royal Tenenbaums, Harold and Maude, The Graduate, Baby Mama, The Kids Are All Right, Hump Day, Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and Beginners. If you have other ideas, please comment and let me know.

Casting Setback

The actor I was counting on to play the lead just backed out due to scheduling conflicts. Well, let the casting process start all over again. I’m just lucky I have the time to still search hard and find somebody really good.


I got approved by kickstarter! Expect to see a page in a few days. It’s Christmas so I’m a little too busy to make the video right now.


My production designer put together these wonderful templates of each character’s style. The lingerie is for Caroline (the guys are gay, but not that kind of gay.) The gray/blue neat outfit is for Taylor, and the other outfit of earthy colors is for Harold. With these costumes we’re trying to reflect the character’s personalities with color and pairing, and the moment by adding touches like a tie for formality.

If I get a kickstarter page set up, you could donate and help me make the final wardrobe selections!


I sent the third draft of The Old Fashioned Way to a screenwriter. She’s hilarious, clever, and I love her ideas. It still needs a lot of work. We’re collaborating on further drafts. I want the best script possible for this movie, and we’re on our way there.

Shooting dates

I’m shooting on Feb. 16th, 18th, and 19th. I’m really excited. It seems so soon, and still so far away.

As I said before, the actors are great. My director of photography is an awesome guy, who’s impressed me before with his work. This is coming together well.

I still have to create a shot-by-shot schedule. This might get pushed back to the last minute, which is harrowing. I’d rather wait it out for a great final script than get locked in place to something sub-excellent.